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I’m not sureexactly what game we’ll do the Adele cover 30 shirt week but patrick mahomes is playing lamar jackson next week. Right running passing today as tim said the 41 and the 21 here’s kind of the fun thing that happened to the nfl today everybody started getting on board with this game this actually turned out to be the biggest update of the season. Show big win for john elway’s broncos 30 to 16 because of lamar jackson. This is the nfl fan version of choose your fighterand I can tell you right now. I’m losing ittnt is in the building rumble in the building rubble Cincinnati Bengals Star Wars Yoda Win We Will shirt Adele cover 30 shirt.

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We are you know game nine of the Adele cover 30 shirt seasonjoe. Yeahto me this is this is one of those classic situations. I think he got so confident just being likei’ll just throw it up and jumara would be there. Well kind of piggybacks a little bit I think well on what damian’s talking about talking aboutand it’s basically that in the game of football we is better than me. We’re about to flywe are in the end zone. I mean I don’t have any bad blood against patrick mohammed’sbut I would like to see the chiefs kind of fall off for a little bit and not be a super bowl team every year to be honest. Yeahi think there’s a couple teams there
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Was there too carlson and the Adele cover 30 shirt raidershave taken the lead just seconds into the second quarter ten seven raiders. Third down right here for the packers defensively williams gets it bounces off and picks up the first down to the one mahomes flips pass caught kelsey touchdown kansas cityshe watches her son’s second possession start at the 25 he hands off to aj dylan. No like this is a literalno.
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