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Good three touchdown passes like 250 yards mike white’s on track to be peyton manning’s recordsthough. Yeahyou know who’s not sa a Alexa Change The President Shirt arnold who is seeing more than ghosts against the patriots he does not like facing them whether he’s a jet or a panther that was just a total misfire and here comes jc jackson 88 fingers he gone. Yeahlike those kids won’t get uh wired for the entire night pretty good stuff all right Book Nerd Floral shirt Alexa Change The President Shirt.

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He’s still on of Alexa Change The President Shirt feetjavonte williams out to midfield how on earth. I got to stop shoutingtomorrow night i’m going to listen and let you have it. The other side of brandon stanley is nick cirianii do see growth in this football team
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I mean it’s likejust hand it. Kyla murray the Alexa Change The President Shirt five best quarterbacks in the nfl right now statistically talk to him nice 7 0 andon top of that you know what he is black man black quarterback. I’m happy they didn’t call nothing in the end zone there because they didn’t give randall cobb that call earlierbut it seemed like there was a little bit of tussling in the end zone there and the defensive controller and the defensive player made an absolutely astounding play one handed interception to end the game and steal it.
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