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And he g a Avid stay street shirt itit’s also done when people’s jones getting to be that deep target because he is legit size speed. That was a lamarright. That’s my goodnessit’s a very clutch sack right there Blackwell Broncos Oklahoma State League Class D Baseball Club Shirt Avid stay street shirt.

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You know um we got a Avid stay street shirt great group of guysyou know we all been going through it all taking the same you know scrutiny and stuff for this whole season. That’sthat’s the best that’s like thomas. This is what I don’t understand this is how I you question likehow well coach does his team how did how did this happen what they bring a little pressure off the edge mccoy
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He just knows how to find him every single timeoh here it is. The fullback a Avid stay street shirt kes the catch there he goes inside the 30 cook good cut and a good run and a miss tackle and a first down into. It was good to see his good story to share as wellhere’s connor on fourth down just trying to lead a little extra clock and.
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