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Yes I get it josh allen on one side josh allen on the other and damien for the first time in nfl historya player with the same name sacks an Berries and Cream shirt opposing player with the same name they said it would never happen. It’s just predictable even if they’re downthat’s why i’m like. Yeahbut brown and Auburn football everything school shirt Berries and Cream shirt.

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Elliott kick roberts from the goal line makes a Berries and Cream shirt cut there’s a running lane slow down at the 30 falls forwardthis kid takes football seriously third down and five knocked away flag down and the penalty marker. That’s my opinionhad the hype. I don’t know either manwell they’re secondary right
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But like look at the Berries and Cream shirt thursday nightit’s jaguars and bengals like who’s gonna watch that. He was like a point guard up there on the field and defensively boy that front got after joe burrow and created three turnovers so for the cleveland browns this is the this is is exactly the type of game you needed after you knowa couple tough weeks um. The rams there’s no soft teams thereoh no.
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