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And it’s kind of shocking because they only had positive yards receiving with three players watkins gutter and smithand it’s kind of shocking they throw the Book Nerd Floral shirt three players and then put up that many points and like their offense wasn’t insane because the first quarter chargers dominated but they didn’t put out the points for it then the second quarter the eagles were just doing their thing. It was uglyoh my god. Thatyeah Beau Biden Coke and Biden Joke shirt Book Nerd Floral shirt.

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Hook a Book Nerd Floral shirt an devontahe’s got. It’s been heartbreakall season long sometimes it goes their way today it did not 34 31. He’s a good coach but yo man shout out everybody rocking with us manwe’ll be back week two
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Folks mike just gave the 600th touchdown pass to a Book Nerd Floral shirt fan in the standsbut hey the team is called the bucks right. I’m losing ittnt is in the building rumble in the building rubble. And it hasn’t happenedyou know.
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