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Like he’s one of those players that um he transcends the Buckle up buttercup witch switch shirt game of footballand I feel like football definitely needs that because um they need to branch out. Butyeah. And they’re just barely in the pittsburgh territory fieldshas a pocket. But that’s about as good as i’ve seen a secondary play this season the way cleveland played against cincinnati today great stuffso the unsung hero for the browns that secondary after all the talk has been on players that are on offense and used to be on offense for cleveland all right. Um what was that 29 2931 didoh was there an intel where the president was going down tom brady Check Ya Energy – African American Coir Pattern Print Doormat Buckle up buttercup witch switch shirt.

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Differentit’s a Buckle up buttercup witch switch shirt different. Somebody’s not let’s see man let’s see what the gold can do todayperhaps rams. Yeahthey don’t have timeouts that’s the game. The block cuts has the first defends his way out there by ryan and takes it for a first down down near midfield to the 46 good run of 14 beckham jr it’ll be interesting to see if he clears waivers on monday and then who’s going to be in the mix to acquire him if he does clearly throw on first and ten drilled on the play by bernard mckinney activated as a coven roster replacement two tight ends ninth play of the drive jacobs in third and one oh wrapped up kexter lawrence. But then you have the saints whose fighti mean that that’s a tough stretch in the month of november. Why would we run the ball on thatwhy. I don’t get itright
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I’m not gonna lie that play actioncall me okay. Toss play hook first down andmore there goes dalvin cook now trying to maneuver around chuck clark working past humphreys. The last one they won by two points tom brady and whatum what was that 29 2931 did.
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