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Robbie was like this yo yo man that was damn patyou you tried to lock up you locked something else up man manand I said it was that the Buffalo Bills Mascot Buf table shirt round table chris rose I will be joined momentarily by maurice jones. Let’s get you out to arrowheadwe know about aaron rodgers. Looks like the kick was touched by the receiving team beyond the line of scrimmage covered by the kicking scene. Hey maybe the giants are just that drama though going on in vegasyeah. Oh nooh no this is from the longest yards you guys are hyped over 12 being up by 12 points 12 points in football and football in football now i I am not spoiled I’m just well taken care of by May guy shirt Buffalo Bills Mascot Buf table shirt.

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Oh this is a Buffalo Bills Mascot Buf table shirt two pointer because this dude had caught a flagokay. Yes they’re the warriorsbro. They’re not great dustin winner come here what a hundo saying who that oh dustin my friend dustin you and me buddy week one week one down in the big easy can winston with lasik or hill. Here’s mixing here’s mixon still going got the corner and gets shoved out but not until he got at midfield. They had a good game all rightlet’s get down to the bayou matt ryan really solid game against a really good saints d ryan looking for olamide zacchaeus not once but twice on this day just kind of loop it in there at that point. He had a pick six he threw another pick in the red zoneand they don’t know. What’s your final take away from what you’ve seen tonightlisten in in the afc in the afc
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Okayyeah. I think it’s mike wallace ravens are up by seven but here comes cuz third andthree cuts to cj ham how many fullbacks are making that catch the Buffalo Bills Mascot Buf table shirt have the wherewithal to get up and run go get it big fella under two to go. He’s highhe was.
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