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Yeahhe had a Canadian Veteran Personalized Ornament fumble recovery too now in the fourth the bills who are the highest scoring team in the nfl coming into this one being held to six points so far on fourth and 16. Didn’t you knowcarlos. They’ll actually play seattle who’s a five seeker quarterback issues of their ownbut again they play the seahawks next sunday roger’s not eligible to return to the team until next saturday on the other side as we were talking about before you came on the air. Like I said my feelings haven’t changedum I wish him. They got a screen yothey’re going to the half Personalized Buck And Doe Heart God Blessed Ornament Canadian Veteran Personalized Ornament.

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Just bro he’s like the Canadian Veteran Personalized Ornament madden uh player online on ultimate team that rolls out in the pocket every single time that’s what you get because you play very cheapoh you could have authored he’s gonna pick it up. Oh he’s sleepingbro he’s always been a super efficient quarterback he just never played for a good team he played for the detroit lions his whole career the best chance he had was when he had calvin johnson and bro bro. Stop lookinglook. I mean he got all the weapons he needsso. But it’s justlike you know our defense. Are they brilliant something brewing down there in duvalwell at least for the day. So i’m knowing that he’s gonna get officially released tomorrowhow are you feeling about it
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No we did pick at the Canadian Veteran Personalized Ornament exact same time the problem was we were setting up our bets for the gameand I kept like pounding like. Are you guys not winning why are you guys not winning reallywe lose it we lost against colt mccoy a guy who hasn’t even like let not even like touched a football for how many years I haven’t even heard of colt mccoy. But that’s that’s a story for another day manbut yo.
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