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Now we have to i’ll see you later we gotta go to the great god rams that is a Cheerio and Go Dawgs shirt sack. Marsh unbelievable marsh makes the play again just elevatedbut I didn’t see it there. And I don’t knowi really like him. Like he still had height and he was lift up to ithe did he got a super bowl you got to give him credit. Good cowboys patriots goodthen the seahawks and steelers look at that that’s another one that’s another solid good sunday night football game Christmas Horse Merry and bright shirt Cheerio and Go Dawgs shirt.

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Just spanked the Cheerio and Go Dawgs shirt uh bears right nowyo whoa yo the bears we want justin fields bro start justin fields dog. Heyhey hey just no just know the jaguars might no guaranteed wins in the end might actually win all right amazing job by the course next on the list I have here. You gotta pay the cell phone billsee the awareness didn’t even move my eyes. I loverobbie anderson doing everything to get to him. Ryan 3 43 in the effort and a couple of happy kids at home let’s gothey won baby. They need itthey need it. 16 to 23 giants win uh weird gameit seemed like derek carr kind of blew this one I think he had a couple picks and a
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This Season will Presents Who Love: Cheerio and Go Dawgs

They have vega the Cheerio and Go Dawgs shirt you have at new orleans on thursday night like. First drive by the raiders third down and four for card crumbling pocketand he goes. Everyone’s got to write to their own opinionbut amazingly they have not given up on this guy.
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