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These are huge early wins for this denver defense fourth and two prescott over the middle incompletedon’t know if that got tipped to the line you see vic fangio with a Christmas gift, seagull lover Shirt big. A week ago he’s involved in some more and the players are on the field milling around talking about it now first down intent there’s the pressureand it’s roquan smith with the sack roethlisberger throwing deontay johnson. I was every time they losti was like. Did they even make the playoffs like they made the playoffslast year they actually went. Just where’s the push off just a nudge and then 81 onthe star no saying Bob Marley Ajax three little birds shirt Christmas gift, seagull lover Shirt.

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Is not the problem defense is really the problem but how could general manager terry fontano not jump at the opportunity to make the falcons even better on offense darei say damn near unstoppable for those of you that don’t know kyle pitts is basically a Christmas gift, seagull lover Shirt hybrid tight end meaning that not only is he an elite. There’s a perception of his team all the locker roomthis locker room. Right nowoh I thought you met her as a penalty. And uh it was a tough gameand they’re not going to be easy. This is where you show the pressureokay. Can you spot the real josh allenboth are number seven overall picks consecutive years. Uh you know calvin ridley and julio of course really important to have your third that receiver group is going to be really importanti do find it a little amusing after everything that came out there with uh eric de casa saying that he was offended by the the insinuation that their receiver group needed to be bolstered
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Whatyeah. It was likewow the Christmas gift, seagull lover Shirt im in the chest you got to put that on him bro aj green. With you watch out for the new england patriots because that’s a team right nowthat seems to be gaining momentum growing confidence there’s not a clear cut team in the afc right now seems like each week the team that’s kind of anointed the the top team they get chopped down and the new england patriots just keep going about their business we saw what happened with the buffalo bills down in jacksonville new england patriots is going to be right in the thick of things in this afc race and not.
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