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Bro ve a Cleveland Cavaliers 70s Retro logo shirt dangerous what he did right therebro. Huh huh what number is hei think he’s 81. That’s a lot of fun all right so far so goodall right. Oh my godhe’s like a comeback kid. This division is tight as f right nowactually mike tomlin your own three against the bears Snoopy Happy Everything shirt Cleveland Cavaliers 70s Retro logo shirt.

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And then it opens up and another penalty offense number 65. Andyeah. I promise you he a Cleveland Cavaliers 70s Retro logo shirt not going to complete this pass but stay in the pocket like you’re a good pocket quarterback you are not athletic play your own gameplease let’s go lamar. That was such a great analogybecause like even how you did it at the end. Soon we got ones comingkeep it locked man. He’s got covidso he was a no go that meant jordan love got his first start since facing kent state in a bowl game in 2019. I can’t liethat’s a great run
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No there’s definitely way too much stuff going on right now to really consider them well their top two receiversthis week was a Cleveland Cavaliers 70s Retro logo shirt tight end and a running back. They went waitthey got a screen yo. Well I hope you enjoyed this this video if you did please hit me with a thumbs up and subscribei would really appreciate it.
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