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There’s still time because when you stop somebody on a Confederate States of America Quilt Blanket two point conversion all you need is a field goal to win not to tieit’s time right now for our mercedes drive of the day presented by mercedes eq ryan looking for cordero patterson. Well listeni think writing a couple of things. He’s way better than gronk don’t dothat robbie stop don’t do that stop don’t do that bro don’t do that. Earlier his careerhe was stopped he stopped it. I mean I don’t have any bad blood against patrick mohammed’sbut I would like to see the chiefs kind of fall off for a little bit and not be a super bowl team every year to be honest Love Weed Sunflower Love Cannabis Shirt Confederate States of America Quilt Blanket.

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Wow from the Confederate States of America Quilt Blanket rookie bears bring some pressure picked up nicely and ben’s able to complete somehow gets out of thereand now he’s taken down cassius marsh at the conclusion of the plague taunting defense number 59. Quick throwjudy’s got it and more turns it up the field across the 35 and a first down for denver. They’ve got a lead they would miss the two point conversion that’s an 18 point blown leadbut there’s still time. We are you know game nine of the seasonjoe. That’s in foxboro too right like thatthat’s being played in new england. That’s another question for another day although one they’re lamenting right now charlotte I would assume since you started it outwe’ll get your final takeaways before we send you guys off to watch a little sunday night football. Yeahmarlon humphrey on the plate third quarter
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This Season will Presents Who Love: Confederate States

And that’s okayi feel you y of Confederate States of America Quilt Blanket ove kyler. If it’s your first time here it definitely won’t be your last nameso you killed murder in smash that subscribe button man. I just another example here of getting all outblitz ball’s got to come out.
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