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You know who took over the Cousin in the Galaxy shirt game xavier mckinney first of two picksyeah. Okay jackson like thatokay jackson. Oh he’s a scrub happened. This is some big plays for cleveland 60 yard passing touchdown the rushing touchdown and the defensive score you saw from denzelward not too many teams have pulled this off in nfl history. The turf van’s going to keep it and go forward from 40 to put the steelers back on top Gatos Custom Spanish Just Kidding Shirt Cousin in the Galaxy shirt.

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Didn’t see it what got there tj wattsecond sack of the Cousin in the Galaxy shirt night. Broit’s all meek. And he was in a bushe went to the super bowl twice and won one. You know he’s missed some timeand he’s been out. Great great grab now we go to overtime and in overtime tim you got to start thinking about the tie here because now we’re under two minutes inot. I go by the name of dckeep it locked here for all of our original football content man we got a combine coming. He’s got one man to beat inside the 30 the 20 tripped up from behind fired with another big time play coming up in a few breaks
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His numbers pretty the Cousin in the Galaxy shirt strian 11 to 17 121did have this touchdown to hunter henry who’s been red hot overlapping touchdown monster. Wellyeah. He’s not for it to the one one downit looked like he didn’t get it.
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