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He’s into the Cow Gift Music Mugs end zone the heisman trophy winner five for 116 in the scoreand we’re tied at 24. It feels like it could be the end for sam donald and carolinait certainly does you know you made the joke dubin we all laughed because I have a lot of freaks they’re going to do something. North carolina to three points last week kansas city only 20 points and today doing an outstanding job thus far drake underneath on first and ten brought down by crowder picks up nine up ahead it goes drake shifting through traffic inside the 25 brought down by ryan put him at the 24 17 yard gain jacob’s in third and two underneath renfro and walks the tightrope and out of bounds the spot is huge and he got it to the twelve second and. The coolit’s cool. But I mean try it the formula to be tom brady has always been hit the man get him uncomfortable in your pocket g spot nope cooper cup yo manhonestly let’s see what happens with these boys man for the rest of the season 2nd Amendment Flag Born Raised Protected Shirt Cow Gift Music Mugs.

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That’s finebut i’m j the Cow Gift Music Mugs aying that kylie was playing well last year. It’s kaneone woo. I mean you think all the advantagesi know. A week ago he’s involved in some more and the players are on the field milling around talking about it now first down intent there’s the pressureand it’s roquan smith with the sack roethlisberger throwing deontay johnson. They played better without hold on the person that played good in clevelandwas lebron not even. And they’re going to kind of dominate from here that definitely does happenyeah. Scary this is crazy
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They’re going to go quick up to the Cow Gift Music Mugs line third and goal bridgewater is going to try the sneak he is trying to get there reaches the ball over still no signalhe’s in touchdown. Tripping brothat’s definitely black magic. Turns the corner hurts.
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