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So i’m knowing that he’s gonna get officially released a Cross Jesus Saved My Life shirt orrowhow are you feeling about it. So that is dos two great sunday night football games in a rowyou got chiefs ravens. No we did pick at the exact same time the problem was we were setting up our bets for the gameand I kept like pounding like. After the block at the right tackle to the near side dodge pickup he is gone kiss mckinney goodbye pick six for the giants used to seeing those chiefs over there on that left column pass is caught over the middle as johnson is going to stumble in for the touchdownthe six minute mark of the fourth scott in the backfield hurts man devonta smith. Did he even throw to kelseyi remember he had a couple of touchdowns and stuff yo hill We are not descended from fearful men Betsy Ross USA flag Shirt Cross Jesus Saved My Life shirt.

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And this is clearly a Cross Jesus Saved My Life shirt touchdown butwhere’s the foul. Them boys went crazy on thursday shout out to dak prescottit was a crazy return for him too. All right colts titans should be funchiefs chargers will be fun uh brown’s bears will be fun conor thank you for the 99 cent donation. What did he say he said go teamwhat did he but. Ten jacobs releases ball from behindknocked away. Yeahokay trust me. What you got nice nice sniff on there
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But I will say hear what I have been saying drafting a Cross Jesus Saved My Life shirt quarterback this year would have been jumping the gun in my opinion because I still believe in matt ryan and even if I did not believe in matt ryan I hated the idea of spending a fourth overall on a quarterback that probably wouldn’t have have seen the field for at least a year possibly two because quite frankly it would it would be way too expensive to move on from matt ryan right now but as for pitslike I said I love. All right wait a second the giants gotta find a wayand they might get it because here we go. Brothey’re the browns.
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