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This is some big plays for cleveland 60 yard passing touchdown the Dragonfly Dreamcatcher Quilt rushing touchdown and the defensive score you saw from denzelward not too many teams have pulled this off in nfl history. Y’all just know his coach is gonna spaz on himoh my god. What you got nice nice sniff on there. Huh huh what number is hei think he’s 81. We’ll see you tomorrowall right all right Cat Black Cat Lover Quilt Dragonfly Dreamcatcher Quilt.

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He was phy a Dragonfly Dreamcatcher Quilt alhe was able to break tackles he looked as good as i’ve seen him on thursday night. Jones with a catch of the 14 stop there by ryan 20 yard pickup and a first down for the raiders but a missed opportunity for the raiders six defensive backs third down and three card to the end zone over wallers had incomplete coverage by bradbury 25 yard try here by daniel carlsonit is away and good. I said that during last game what is the 49er quarterbacks throwing the ball highi have no idea. And here he’s got a pick of josh allenlooked like the interception we just saw huh. Yeahplenty of wide receivers. He wasn’t playing that goodi think he was even he wasn’t playing with a great team too. Oh my gosh wait what isthis guy wait the texas are
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Youum you went an Dragonfly Dreamcatcher Quilt interesting number of directions when it came to the running back position for all those years. And he goneyou know you can’t throw the ball late to the flat anywhere especially in the tight in the red zone. The national tight endi got mail on my ass.
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