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You don’t play footballthat’s why you took a Drummer Everything I Touch Becomes A Drum like that. When you go on the road they’re coming off a big winum. I talk about patching my hopeswhat would you just say it this is a better game bro without getting this is. And I said listenbro you can’t do that I do gotta wait and see how they do. Watch out for the new england patriotsi’m Customized Put the coffee down and come feed us chickens personalize Drummer Everything I Touch Becomes A Drum.

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I mean a Drummer Everything I Touch Becomes A Drum disasteri mean a total disaster looks like bad holes. Heyhey hey just no just know the jaguars might no guaranteed wins in the end might actually win all right amazing job by the course next on the list I have here. Why not four plays later with under 30 seconds left in overtime justin tucker his 17th career game winning field goal four of the ravens six wins this yearthey have trailed in the four chris. Deandre he’s being a one on a one on one because in that situation it would have been a one on one situation deandre hopkins in a one on one situation he’s winningyeah. I feel like all these receivers played their part and they didn’t have any dumb ass interceptionsno nothing. It was a crazy return for him toobut this week man we had to see what’s going on with patrick mahomes. Pretty darn smooth shaking off the rust here from this groupwe’ll all see uh uh after the black pumas concert tomorrow after round three on nfl com the nfl app and youtube goodnight
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We know we were gonna make mistakes because we’re coming out the Drummer Everything I Touch Becomes A Drum bye weekum and those guys stayed down. Is all he hasand they get to furlough again anthony walker and troy hill. Thank youi appreciate it.
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