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Just retiredoh. You’re deadall right. Tony says jed a Grandkids Make Life Grand shirt k must have built levi’s stadium on a pet cemeteryhey tony. My homes is patrickwhat’s up with him. No take off take offokay Giddy Giddey vintage shirt Grandkids Make Life Grand shirt.

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I’m sorryi a Grandkids Make Life Grand shirt just so lost right now. He’s gonna goget. You’ve got a second and 17 after all that’s said and doneso they’re going to run it with a gaping hole up the middle to gordon third and three bridgewater. And look at baker going long people’s chose with the touchdown60 yards well you see right out they’ve been waiting to get this quarters coverage and people’s jones chase is one of the youngest players in the league. I think cliff kingsbury is pressing all the right buttons with the arizona cardinals he’s doing a fantastic job and listen there’s a reason why you pay backup quarterbackscolt mccoy. B. Was there too carlson and the raidershave taken the lead just seconds into the second quarter ten seven raiders
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He’s way better than gronk don’t dothat robbie stop don’t do that a Grandkids Make Life Grand shirt op don’t do that bro don’t do that. But it doesn’t stop himi know dude casey we got to go. Nobody wants that new england patriot thing all over again you’re a patriots fanyou know.
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