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Brohe needs a Harry Potter ho ho ho Christmas shirt touchdown though he can’t take a field goal. I don’t know if we lost that game offensivelythat should have been one fumble that we had. And he didn’t turn aroundbut that’s a rookie mistake on aj green though because in situations like that you got to know that there’s going to be a jump ball in the end zone. It was pretty quiet except for maybe a little shove off andthe toe drag swag burleson we’re tied at 31 headed to overtime where the ravens win the toss they get the ball first lamar looking for patrick ricard. Here we gocome on American Pride Grommet Flag Eagle Sunset Freedom Harry Potter ho ho ho Christmas shirt.

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And they’ve only targeted him on average three times a Harry Potter ho ho ho Christmas shirt game in the last seven gameshe needs to get more touches. All rightthey had no run game at all dude. That dude is officialwhat did you just what was more entertaining. Honestly if tampa bay can get the running game going maybei. All rightso once again just to dig in on this the largest upset win in jacksonville history again the number more than two touchdowns again by the fpi percentage wise. Plus and with the final pick in the draft for the atlanta falcons this pick being in the sixth round the atlanta falcons took wide receiver out ofarizona state frank darby. Yeahi mean they had to have anybody else devonte booker though he’s been consistent
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Yeah going off. He got him it’s called double agenthey throw this ball when i’m covering. You cannot excusebut you still have to lay that at the doorstep of the head footba a Harry Potter ho ho ho Christmas shirt coach because when in practice all week you got to practice ball security that still is a coaching technique that you no matter how big the game is or how how you from the pee wee look you still got to be coast up rumble you got to be coached up even as a professional you still have to be coached up your team got to be coached up bottom line and that and ball security is is one of the things that you work on in practice.
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