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Did you a Jerry’s Dead Phish sucks get a job shirt it ini could have swallowed. Wow what a great call by you right there toothat was amazing what an interception and guess what mcdowell for the browns fans. Why you want to talk to metexans lost. Oh michael he’s going to be like a michael jordan effect to nfli feel like he’s going to really push the nfl. Yeahi mean I think we literally no offense watched the two worst receiving courses in the nfl in that game without michael thomas Zero 9 36 Hollywood undead shirt Jerry’s Dead Phish sucks get a job shirt.

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Yeahyeah. Y a Jerry’s Dead Phish sucks get a job shirt is that a good enough for you or you want me to spell it outit’ll be interesting y e s. Ii kind of think they should too because apparently everything is supposed to be reviewed anyway and review that that was the first download that was not reviewed. Know dak had an awful game that got an awful gamehe had 232 yards two teddies and a pick doesn’t have 19 uh completions out of 39 attempts which isn’t too good. Yeah andleonard williams recovers giants defense man they’ve been playing some ball. You know so at the end of the dayyou know we got to come ready to play a super bowl every week. Y’all bro you know who the comeback fourth quarter guy is
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Garoppolo throws it’s ayuk with the catch he hangs on through the hit and a Jerry’s Dead Phish sucks get a job shirt first downso jimmy g can let this ball fly anywhere second a goal got him garoppolo directing traffic. What they were doing was recklessbut they were getting away with it this year now. But you know how hard you know how highyou know that’s okay.
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