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So we should have been jumping upwe should have been uh blind pretty much man coverage jumping on them and not giving them a Kansas City Chiefs shirt lot of cushions because there was times when oh mccoy left the pocket. Heyand i’m actually caring about myself. And it’s a one point game with 5 20 to go inthe third bengal defense boomer thank you third and eight here for jones pair a block booker a block down field. I don’t hate for you guysi think those last four games are very winnable. Yeahcan you go drive again Pittsburgh Sports Teams Signatures With Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Pirates And Pittsburgh Penguins Shirt Kansas City Chiefs shirt.

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How did you play corner third down in one and naji stillon his feet he’s gonna be short again this from 54 new turf into the Kansas City Chiefs shirt open end of the stadium. You guys got it cardinalsnext week easy dub brown bangles. What was the flag on the defenseyeah. I’ll never lay patrick with hosti don’t want him you got to respect him. 13th all time meetingthey had the same amount of points when they played one another against the gut. It did not it was his throws were all over the place for a guy who’s been an mvp candidate this year in the second denver up 6 0 teddy bridgewater to tim patrickthey’re calling him tim push off patrick maybe a little extension off of trayvon diggs and then a little to number 81 on the star dallas down 13 their largest deficit all season in the third. I can see I don’t want to rule them outi do not want to roll them out right now
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Man packers versus cardinalsand we also ain’t gonna talk about. That’ a Kansas City Chiefs shirt ike one of those games that somebody would bet moneyline like a hundred thousand dollars on the bills to win like a thousandbut I wanted to put money on it. Bill wants that offensive coordinatoryou know he’s got one.
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