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All right all rightyou the Love racing Canvas . Oh god wednesdayyeah. Six days later you got the browns on christmas daythen you got the vikings again. Here’s the field goal attempt from 45 yards out by mclaughlin and that is wide of the mark chase’s longest receptiontoday is 15 yards six for 49. The lion sleeps tonightall right detroit lions Halloween Skulls Ghostly 3D Shirt Love racing Canvas.

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And I love to see itn of Love racing Canvas game. So just watching some of his highlights what I really like about cadarius tonyis. I guess it will be trey lancethat’s what I feel after the reports that I saw today here is. I don’t know mani’m just I was rooting heavy for the wow nick chubb doing nick chubb things 137 yards. Yeahit’s just not you need something more flashy to get someone that’s not interested in football and passion with home like what we just seen. Remember how serious we used to be about making tackles and stuff like that uh also offensivelywhen’s the last time you seen. Last time the cleveland browns played himthey almost took the dub
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I’m sure it’s outstanding or something I wonder like how much 100 would win you if you the Love racing Canvas odds are plus 6600 or 660 sorryyeah. That’s where I was going likebut now the second ready. We get we have comebacksi can’t in front of the browser.
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