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And they ju a Love true love was born in a manger shirt wentright sharon. They look great for six yards like if he’s doing better than andersonwhat are you guys doing no. Tom baby could never they still down by fire over that old ass brady grandpa bradythat play actually caught you. He’s moving a fieldhe’s at the 50. And it’s first and goal for minnesota cousins throwing the fade for thelandit is caught for the touchdown underneath Haruki Murakami Unpacks his Sumo princeton University East Asian studies Japanese program shirt Love true love was born in a manger shirt.

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Every aspect of the game uh especially on offense uh didn’t get it goingi mean we scored a Love true love was born in a manger shirt couple of touchdowns there um in late time. We had a lot of health problems though toooh. Are you watching them jerry third and goal they need itthey need it. You’re in a tough situation you got to spike it quickyou’re putting yourself tough place regardless and. Rather him lose because the time that he did go undefeatedhe lost the super bowl. It’s the first time I ever wore this jerseyi’ve never won this jersey. Yes sir thank yousal lamar stays healthy it’s gonna be problems for the rest of the league
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Well you see von bell came down to guard running back this time switching it up on defense not going to lose that match up again in troublethere’s the Love true love was born in a manger shirt first sack for the cincinnati defense already with more sacks since cincinnati came into existence well. Bro playing against a team that never been in super bowl in 50 yearsoh gosh. It’s a fumbleand it is rule recovery texans.
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