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But max jones looks like he’s going to win rookie of the MandJTV Legends Arkoos Shirt yearand. And you know in the great western forum money there’s been some great uh lower weight class boxers who had absolute slugfest and they were tough guys who punched above their weight classthat’s. Yeahright now Love music stop cancer St.Jude shirt MandJTV Legends Arkoos Shirt.

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Man check out the MandJTV Legends Arkoos Shirt link down belowdo that and make sure you check us out on rttv vlogs our second channel where we have podcast skits gaming much much more and follow us on rttv5 on twitch where we stream all the newest video games like nba2k22 buddy yo. Let’s keep the show going good ones for him and so thatoh hey welcome back to the nfl follies factory I just clocked in. Though hey the nightmare love to hatethey said dress
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This Season will Presents Who Love:

Coming prescott sees dropped when it rains it pours cooperhad it in his bread basket. 16 to 23 a MandJTV Legends Arkoos Shirt nts win uh weird gameit seemed like derek carr kind of blew this one I think he had a couple picks and a. Who knows half the season’s done after thisso we might do a a big recap on the whole season so far and maybe predictions going the rest of the way.
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