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Took over just a Manny Pacquiao God’s warrior shirt slightly better record without obj than with baker’s numbers significantly better particularly the touchdown to interception ratio the passer rating but just when you watch the browns it might not be so much in the numbers they just feel like a different team when baker didn’t have 13 out therewhy is it. Yesyes. Yeahat least two touchdowns Minnesota Fran Tarkenton Kirby Puckett Kevin Garnett Mikko Koivu signatures shirt Manny Pacquiao God’s warrior shirt.

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Well elijah was slick today toobut you as I said you can’t get dow a Manny Pacquiao God’s warrior shirt 4 points. But I was saying that patrick mahomes there’s been people that had a lot more hype than patrick mahomes that’s all i’m saying that’s a different conversation waitbut did they live up to the hype hell. Yeahhe went crazy
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Was just fantastic in this gameand I think when dallas is not able to run the Manny Pacquiao God’s warrior shirt ball like they’ve been doing all you know. They still call far starts take off take off take off see that was dangerous even too someone could have just came running out of the damn blue and just took to the end for the pitch what the offense dude who paid the rest in last second this man has caught five flags in the span of three minutesbro go sit your ass down. Barber ain’t nobody touchingyou shout out to um michael strange.
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