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hey y’all it’s Olivia if you’re new here I’m in Wesley fashion videos and I would love you to go ahead and subscribe so I’m also a NC Stare textile Bowl 27 21 20t Champs 2021 Shirt current student at NC State University I’m in fashion textile management and I’m currently in my back to school series if you have any questions or anything you want to see please leave those down below but today we’re going to be talking about everything you need to know about college so all of the basics I’m just going to be going through everything like meal plans housing bussing how classes are everything and it’s gonna be from my perspective which is NC State specifically but I would imagine that it’s about the same throughout different colleges so let’s go ahead and get started so the first thing I wanted to talk about is mail plans because I had a few people asking about like the best things to eat in college and like a specifically princey state but meal plans in general typically work how you have like your student ID this is the way it works NC State so during orientation you’ll get your student ID it’ll have your photo your name your student number like that kind of stuff and use that to get into the dorm rooms and to use your meal plan I think those are like the two main things you also have to present it at like football games and stuff if you get a student ticket so you just want to always have that with you because it’s pretty important because you do need it to get into certain rooms and things also if you’re like in the College of textiles I know if you’re in design you can open the design lab after-hours with your card so your card is just really important but you have your card and there are different packages of meal plans that you can get so you can get a really big one or you can get a really small one you can get a medium-sized one you just want to kind of judge by how much you think you eat in a week so it’s good to kind of like track how much you eat before you go to school to try to figure out which meal plan works best for you and just kind of compare how much you eat and how much it’ll offer for the semester but you also have the opportunity at least at NC

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I think that is a case case you can go to for breakfast and lunch but the athletes are only allowed to NC Stare textile Bowl 27 21 20t Champs 2021 Shirt have it for dinner and then we have like ones that are open to everyone on each end of the campus so the dining hall swipes I had as many of those as I wanted for my every day plane that I had freshman year and then I also had 12 food courts wipes a week which I prefer the food court I’m just calling it that I don’t know what it’s actually called but like the food court style places more than I prefer the dining halls so for us that is Tuffy’s which is like burgers and chicken tenders and stuff like that Los Lobos that’s kind of like a Chipotle in a way we have Jason’s Deli we have a pizza place those are that’s what’s in tally and then in tally we also have tally Market which is like a little store that has ice cream it has our ice cream place in it as well and you can use at the little stores you can use Dining Dollars or meal swipes it just depends on what they allow there but if you use a meal swipe there that counts as like a food court metal swipe again so we have that and then we also have Starbucks and talie and then we have pcj ports to do job but we have those all over campus it’s just another coffee place and then if you go around Itali to the other side near Carmichael we have one earth and it has a whole bunch of different like more healthy style foods it has like Mediterranean and like Japanese and like it has like a food bar it has a whole bunch of food over there and they have specials so sometimes I’ll find things that I really like over there so always remember to check them out sometimes they have weird hours but that’s what we have in tally and then over in the atrium near D H Hill library we have chick-fil-a smoothie you we have like a Chinese or Japanese place I think it’s Chinese we have a rap place and then we have another pizza place that also has like pasta and stuff on main campus that’s what you’re picking from for your like food court meal swipes is what I called it so I prefer to eat at those places over the dining hall and so for the meal plan I had freshman year that everyday I only had 12 of those food courts wipes a week and then I had like a hundred Dining Dollars I think so basically use Dining Dollars if let’s say I’ve already use my twelfth meal swipe for the food court that week but I still want to eat there I can pay for it with Dining Dollars instead or you’re given certain like amounts of money that you’re allowed to have per meal swipes so like in the food court places it’s most likely like $7.25 or like roughly around in there it depends on where you’re eating so let’s say the salad at chick-fil-a is always like way more expensive than it should be so let’s say I get a salad and it’s and I get like a drink and whatever and it comes out to be like $8 and my milk slide only covers 725 then I can pay that extra amount with my Dining Dollars so that’s kind of like a breakdown of how the meal plan works for us at NC State at least so that’s the plan I had freshman year now that I live in an apartment over on Centennial Campus

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I have the smallest plan that you can have and I think that’s like like 100 or 150 food court swipes and then like 100 Dining Dollars as well and I prefer that because I don’t really eat in the dining halls anyways but whenever you’re living on main campus and it’s your first year and you’re living in a dorm I think that that everyday plan is a good one for NC Stare textile Bowl 27 21 20t Champs 2021 Shirt. you so then you can always go to the dining hall if you need to and you’ll never run out of swipes over there so someone asked me specifically what I thought the best places to eat on campus were I definitely frequent Starbucks and chick-fil-a the most I do really like one earth I just have a hard time getting over there during the hours that they’re open I don’t know why I think that they have we’re at hours they might not anymore but I feel like they used to so those are my favorite places I really liked the Chinese Japanese place in the atrium at first but then I got kind of sick of it over time I’ll get in Jason’s Deli whenever I just want a simple sandwich or something Tuffy’s is okay I really ate that a lot back in the day – but it’s like a go-to but it’s like I’m not excited to go to it if you know what I mean Louis Lobos is okay it’s not like the best Mexican place or Chipotle style place I’ve ever been but yeah those are my goat cheese one more thing regarding meal plans we have this app called tap and go tapi NGO all one word you guys need to download it if you’re coming to stay or if you go into the school that has it it is a lifesaver I promise you just put in your information and it’ll have your meal plan on it and you can also add your debit card if you want to add your debit card and then you just go and you can order anything from any of the stores or like any of the restaurants on campus and then they’ll get it ready for you and it’ll notify you whenever it’s ready and you can just go by and pick it up and keep going on your way so if you’re like on your way to class you want to tap and go Starbucks our Starbucks used to be a mess but they remodeled it

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I did a video about how I got my internship and I hope to do one recapping my internship as well so make sure to subscribe to see that but you can get credit for internships while you’re in college you can do unpaid internships or paid internships for credit so then you’ll get like a school credit for and you won’t have to take a class and I highly recommend that you do that I think that college is a great time to get some work experience with bigger brands are at a higher level by being their intern you know working for the inside side of a brand rather than just working there retail setting you get what I’m saying so looking for internships starting your sophomore year is a good idea going to the career fair and stuff is helpful but it might not be as helpful with finding internships because they’re mostly looking for students that are about to graduate and are looking to be hired so you really don’t want to go in there and like waste their time by just saying like hi I’m a freshman and I just want to know about internships like some of our classes made us do that and I absolutely hated it so I recommend like googling there different types of internships that you’re looking for and seeing what comes up that’s what I did and like I said you can get credit one time if you want to you and then you can also do an internship for pay or whatever but I think it’s really helpful for your career to take those experiences while you’re still in college and aren’t expected to have much experience so other thing that I want to talk about is study abroad which I will be talking about more on my channel because I hope to study abroad myself this coming spring but I just want you guys to keep an open mind about it and to research about it whenever you’re going into college because it’s another really great opportunity that you might not get again you know it’s a good time to explore the world and still be doing what you’re supposed to be doing for that time frame you know without taking like a gap year or anything like you can still be on track to graduating by NC Stare textile Bowl 27 21 20t Champs 2021 ShirtNC Stare textile Bowl 27 21 20t Champs 2021 Shirt 1 studying

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