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I’m just saying ben’sbut there are people behind the New York Rangers all time greats signatures shirt scenes of pff that always that don’t always get the recognition ben is one of the great football minds of our of our time. We’ve just learned that 18 students have been killed right vanessa so first I want to acknowledge the brave men and women of law enforcement that showed up to the scene that actually were involved in the scene actually made entry into this school and saved more lives that of course we lost 18. Oh looks like we got something in that sandbag bunker right under the stationwhat is it machine gun probably. We are excited to launch the nl vax pass and nl vax verifier today two smartphone apps that help make a new day within life with covid 19 in newfoundland and labrador as of 8 o’clocktomorrow morning residents and businesses will be able to download them from the apple and google play app stores. Okay are all of your opinions to within a reasonable degree of probability or certainty with respect to mr depp’s damagesyes. So how long were you on the beach then once once you had the gun you got to the pillbox how long were you onoh I couldn’t not tell you the exact time Rental Player shirt New York Rangers all time greats signatures shirt.

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And it looks like he’ a New York Rangers all time greats signatures shirt aking his first nfl start second andthree. Rightso did you know where to go specifically like had you been trained or been showing photographs and maps and. You love ityes. The lawsuits have had a really big impact not just this lawsuit but previous lawsuits that mr depp has been involved with because there’s a lot of publicity around anything that he does and every time he has filed a lawsuitit is brought to light various issues with respect to whatever that lawsuit was about whether it was about you know erratic behavior or domestic abuse or drugs and alcohol and even spending habits. I’m still saying that may not be athat may not be a bad option. Or you can waita few days
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Yeahhe’s alway an New York Rangers all time greats signatures shirt en. That what you think romowell you know when you when you say here’s what we all need to worry about okay. I I don’t have an answer for you as to why an issue like background checks for example which the american public broadly supports. But it’s bears packers at homeum so that was that was a little bit off putting and did do you guys get that same sense. They got a ton of pressure something like uh 40 or so of josh allen’s dropbacks were under pressure josh allenthe quarterback yes well done josh allen. Not only is he an awesome safety but the falcons could potentially move him around in the backfield personallyi really love this pick and we got him in a trade back which resulted in us getting an extra fourth round pick from denver. Might as well just like they were so good against arizona three weeks ago when they did that to arizonai was like wow.
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