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But I did a Now I have Domain admin Ho-ho-ho shirt little research and this guy seems like an absolute beasti think he may turn out to be a mid round still for the falcons I give this pick a b with the second pick or yeah. That’s a confident team to be able to do that that’s itno. Toss play hook first down andmore there goes dalvin cook now trying to maneuver around chuck clark working past humphreys. All right week four you got urinating tree and tom grassy going at itoh man that’s gonna be. Ben got him by the foot that he’s taken down another flag comes in should not lose football games because of that or potentially lose football games third and 16 deontay johnson on the way and good steelers bring the heat field throws completes to allen robinson Newgrounds Summer Jams 2021 shirt Now I have Domain admin Ho-ho-ho shirt.

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This is a Now I have Domain admin Ho-ho-ho shirt crazy person to bang onbut i’m banking on that prescott and. Yeah mixingyeah. Uh it’s not what we’re trying to do on this showand that’s it for this month’s audibles. Justoh I have to say if I had to choose between one more regular season game or one extra team in the playoffs I would choose the regular season game. You’re gonna get your butt kickedthey know better. Okayyou know what the crowd might do. Ii don’t know
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Was getting rid of charles hayley the Now I have Domain admin Ho-ho-ho shirt second one was getting rid of the farthest bugger mm hmmwe’re gonna find out how bad that is because because cause kendall is bad already we’re gonna see what he looks like. Yeahlet’s talk about that one 13 7. That’s exactly what the 49ers needed to put a chunk in this or put a dent in this lead that they got and they got options right hereare you getting to the edge brandon naiuk brought down inside the arizona 40 yard line by chris banjo sunu in motion garoppolo looking over the middle.
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