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I really thought he was gonna go to the Number 1 dad Shirt cowboysbut um he goes one pick before the cowboys. And after that it’s like a massive dump offbut. Somebody’s not let’s see man let’s see what the gold can do todayperhaps rams No Al Bitcoin Shirt Number 1 dad Shirt.

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Then you got springsteen getting a Number 1 dad Shirt prime time game thereyou go buddy there. Like um you know energy and like swag with that stiff arm brolike he. And it’s pretty interesting that all 22 starters from that super bowl and and from the the guts of that team are all coming back for the tampa bay buccaneersso I you know they’re the world champs and until somebody shows me especially in that division that they can knock them down a peg I would pick them to at least go deep into the playoffs if not go back um
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Okayand you beat florid the Number 1 dad Shirt gainesville now. I think it’s uh arizona the bucks and then green bay packersso I think if anybody’s gonna take them out of that uh that undefeated streak. It’s winstoni mean uh come on you.
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