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Oh my god the Nurse Heart Philadelphia Eagles Shirt eagles just traded in front of the giantsoh my gosh. Four fields wanted to run the whole time and he was taken down tj watt his third sack of the night a little pressure that time on o’donnell mcleod from his 20. And we goty’all covered for those that’s been asking for the merch it is on our patreon. We gottayou gotta hold on that ball. He’s into the end zone the heisman trophy winner five for 116 in the scoreand we’re tied at 24 Nurse Heart Philadelphia Eagles Shirt.

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It’s okay folksit’s okay. Oh my goodness one a Nurse Heart Philadelphia Eagles Shirt ded jerry jerrynow you missed that one hand I gotta happen. But when he’s injured right now it would make a lot of sense for the giants you also want your superstar player to play more than two games this seasonyeah. That’s gonna be with stafford coming back to lambeauthat’s gonna be something. 97 yards for the rookie integrity rush lanes and squeeze in the pocket sidearms link to ricard trying to get to the sticks great effort by ricardo excellent gang tackling. Ithis is. Jeff swain scores and this is all in a 26 second time span kevin byerthe pick six and the tennessee titans whose defense
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It comes they’re bringing the heat they set it up for swift and swift with a Nurse Heart Philadelphia Eagles Shirt blocker in front looking for the sticks he’s got more than a first down and deandre swift down the middle to the field blockers in fronthe’s going to take it all the way for the touchdown. And before he got the ball he knew i’m throwing it to eleveni don’t give a and what happened but julio jones he plays in the rope. I feel like you could finish the seasonstrong.
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