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They’re the One Piece Blanket brownsno ah chiefs bro. But again I right now I haven’t seen anything that would make me you know think positively about the cool qb switch later hopefully not maybe not next time you’re not doing bad in any means to be likeyeah. That’s onion sit him downgood job look at him. And he goneyou know you can’t throw the ball late to the flat anywhere especially in the tight in the red zone. Yeahbut I feel like lamar is he ran 21 times I’ll Always Be Your Biggest Fan Christmas Gift For Couple American Football Lovers One Piece Blanket.

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It wasn’t the offensive that was looking badit was a One Piece Blanket couple of fumbles that killed us because we spotted them 14 points to start the game. A lot of great players you could tell that you could name namecoaches one all i’m saying is. I think I didn’t know thatyeah andy reid used to coach for the evening eagles went to the championship with uh donovan mcnabb and t o. You are now backrt tv baby. Manit’s terrible. Pretty boring gameoh what a really not boring game which was the chargers and eagles in my opinion. And I think that’s something that’s really neededthey need a running back who can create his own yards for himself and
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You know after practices coming together for an hour and finding out we’ll run for runsbut like as a One Piece Blanket whole. Has a way to go and gets there what a play by tim patrick who’s been a beast this afternoon at a first down for denver and patrick guy that has quite the journey to get here cut from baltimore cut from san francisco having a big game today they get it out to judy in the flatthere’s no one there judy first down and more inside the 20. We had some cash money riding on you get the money as your survivor pitchers survive reportsbro if I did not pick the chargers.
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