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Yeahhe had 64 ya a Peace Love Dallas Cowboys Texas shirt two teddies. The pair winning a national championship for the tigers uh now we’ll try to win a championship for the first time for the jacksonville jaguar franchise and here is from our crack staff in research travis etienne selected 25th overall by the jags first time in the common draft erathat a quarterback and running back from the same school of course trevor lawrence drafted number one overall by the jags selected in the first round of the same draft by the same teams. Though they the chargers couldn’t stop jalen hurts running the ball dudelooked fast as frick dude. Rochetoh. It’s a touchdown 45 yards for james connor third time todaybut he’s found the end zone and the cardinals stretch the lead he is out the remainder of the game with a knee injury tom compton is in pressure Kansas City Chiefs shirt Peace Love Dallas Cowboys Texas shirt.

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He’s moving a Peace Love Dallas Cowboys Texas shirt fieldhe’s at the 50. And we won’t even know probably rogers until next saturday that’s right. If deandre if you if uh in the highlights towards the end you saw deandre happen he popped back likei think fourth third or fourth quarter I don’t know if he was in on that play doh. It was three and outhere’s. Heyhey hey just no just know the jaguars might no guaranteed wins in the end might actually win all right amazing job by the course next on the list I have here. Three good ones in a row buccaneers and patriots in foxboroughoh that’s gonna be fun tom. Titans listen so far they didn’t even have a good seat this is why it’s on the rams or stafford because tangent hill only had 143 yards and a pick who was the titan’s other lawsdude
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Fake the tyson williams jackson flicks it to andrews for a Peace Love Dallas Cowboys Texas shirt first downit’s submarine by cameron dantzler everything to them is open. That’s a very uh interesting opening game very interestingnot what I expected. I am so sorry but added to combo again to jai defensive end out of notre dame all rightso automatically that excites me because the thought of getting a defender from notre dame that excites me because that defense was freaking insane last year.
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