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This pick kyle pitts is a Pig Iron cause hogs gotta eat too shirt bit of a luxury pick i’ll admit for the falcons because we really didn’t need them and a lot of people say well the falcons should be drafting based on needbut you know because it’s not like the falcons offense struggles with scoring scoring. Unstoppable brolike this game was really like the epitome of rushing versus receiving and day. Okayokay. Well technically this wasn’t a fully healthy cardinalyeah. He’s really got his life togetherwe’re the same age To my son Love your Mom Pig Iron cause hogs gotta eat too shirt.

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Yeahi gained a Pig Iron cause hogs gotta eat too shirt game down from second and third place which right now our playoffs. They’re nuts they need to start listening to meek mill againand then they’ll get back on that train when they when they won that super bowl man meek mill was all over there. He did touch ithe touched it. Then we got d18 done i’m looking forward to the top three draft pickand we got the rams. You know to play hard every weekthat’s great but his scheme is great. Like you see something like yothat’s into that like if I was gonna make a fan that didn’t like football watch football. I philadelphia him his name’s davisoh okay no real connection jump off to the outside parham because of what they did on second and third down their ribbon was effective
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Y’all I have my faithi have faith in the Pig Iron cause hogs gotta eat too shirt health because he’s gonna get it. This is his first time being a head coach he wants to be that great caller he cannot do that he can’tit’s his offense. And I think that’s right to have that I agreei think it was the right thing to do here.
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