Official Freddie Mercury Playing Piano And Cat shirt

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There’s a Official Freddie Mercury Playing Piano And Cat shirt problem with the canadian site during check out errors come up as well as its saying the cvv is wrong tried 3 different credit cards and it keeps stating the same thing. Vs today I parked my car in front of your store in mt pleasant sc I was applauded and embarrassed by the window advertising that was right before my eyes I have 3 boys 2 who are in middle school and in the throes of puberty I like nice pj’s as much as the next girl but I don’t remember a time that I have felt the urge or need to chase my friends to take their bras off this is not only inappropriate it’s shameful all of us are responsible to protect the eyes of our youth your target audience knows what you sell inside your doors but bc of this kind of marketing my boys are exposed to things that are not only inappropriate for their age but it sends a horrible message to young girls as well you are better than this your product should sell itself I humbly ask you to take down this advertising asap if not just in our store consider all of your other ones as well certainly you have mothers on your staff ask them what they think create a focus group I would be surprised if anyone would walk into your store bc of this it’s just tasteless and does more harm than good thank you for your consideration meredith hulen. My remix of the new gorillaz track ‘superfast jellyfish’ was on zane lowe last night uk listeners check it out here at 1hr 42 everywhere else will be online tomorrow morning Original Official Freddie Mercury Playing Piano And Cat shirt

Official Freddie Mercury Playing Piano And Cat shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt For Men and Women

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