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But like if you want to play for the Retro Buffalo Bills Choose Love shirt number one seed you got to win that gameit’s not the 16th. I don’t givea bro don’t play with that man get out get the. We need you to be a great runner that the amount the volume of plays that they are asking him to be a star is incrediblenow they help him down here on the goal line we talked about this they move for card they end up confusing the defense for the vikings they don’t pass it off Number 1 dad Shirt Retro Buffalo Bills Choose Love shirt.

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Does it more on his own inside the Retro Buffalo Bills Choose Love shirt tin stiff arming his way into bradbury blocked by parker dropped by waller that was right at the goal line and the coverage by james bradberryhe was in the vicinity jackson. It’s really player healthand I i can remember a few years ago when aaron was hurt in green bay and this call and our schedule isn’t all about aaron rodgers. Those clearly were uh the team’s favorite picks that’s why they ended up making them uh why don’t we go to uh our favorite picks as a matter of factwe call it best picks presented by microsoft teams uh and here we get a look at the draft selection square room at nfl headquarters in new york city where every club’s pick from today’s round was submitted via microsoft teams
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And I think detroit will be better with jared goffand I think there’s a Retro Buffalo Bills Choose Love shirt little more life there with the head coaching change. Let’s keep the show going good ones for him and so thatoh hey welcome back to the nfl follies factory I just clocked in. He’soh my god he want to win this game.
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