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They now have two offensive players to help set it on the Sam Pilgrim The Dream shirt right situation by coming all the way up to 14 to get vera tuckeri think this kid can play excuse. And and you as me um that drafted julio jones traded up for him that draftedcalvin ridley. I don’t knowi don’t know why I don’t know what they’re doing differently in the first half. All right colts titans should be funchiefs chargers will be fun uh brown’s bears will be fun conor thank you for the 99 cent donation. But anyway emilio hmmyeah Rest in peace 1955-2020 Eddie Van Halen thank you for the memories shirt Sam Pilgrim The Dream shirt.

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I don’t knowbut we kick first ask questions later now this play is really nuts folks jared goff goes up to the Sam Pilgrim The Dream shirt line and gets cup check by his own center interception hate to see it. But like it’s not greatlike I feel like this would have been a much better game. All right so which team atop the those those playoff standings are you most concerned with moving forwardshould you be. Just right this second we’re gonna look at like uhthe whole schedule in a second all right. And it’s higginsagain you guys can drag me in. Can he do itthat’s. Oh I didn’t see it therei don’t know because the punter was running out whether the official thought
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I don’t think it’sit’s that bad out of all the Sam Pilgrim The Dream shirt ones i’ve seen so far. Yeahmean. Are they going to give him a lot more carries even if saquon comes back next week because he’s so injury prone if you have a good one kind ofmakes sex uh running back.
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