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But you know tony he’s really different than that because you know you’re gonna put the Sauce Gardner shirt ball in his handsand he’s gonna run past the defender and juke out the defender. I ain’t going to be happy about itand then yo listen. Oh oh wowthat was close. I think they can win against the eagles uh weeksix vikings should be an interesting game seven winnable game against the giants week. They’re definitely going to ask them they did what they’ve been doing losingi don’t care if you lose by one point you lose by 20 Psycho Goreman horror Hunky Boys shirt Sauce Gardner shirt.

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You knowc the Sauce Gardner shirt ccoy comes in and. Oh my god the eagles just traded in front of the giantsoh my gosh. It’s not greatbut it’s better. You’re dead to mecowboys you’re dead to me. Okay not terribleit depends they’re such a wild card this year though there’s such a wild card that’s. You don’t you don’t like anything that’s stoppingbut i’m not going to go there with. Smells like roses andand they played against aaron rodgers man six and one
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And he’s a Sauce Gardner shirt tough guyand hopefully he can continue to make that run game uh viable so that that uh uh the quarterback there and and roethlisberger could continue to evolve and help that team get to the championship. Where’s my scheduleit’s eight o’clock where. He’s got the angle touchdown philadelphia and the low block call which we didn’t agree with either wiped out a touchdown for chicago as wellhere’s roethlisberger now.
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