Shawn Mendes Canadian singer-songwriter Shirt

Shawn Mendes Canadian singer-songwriter Shirt 1

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This wild stage show how do you maintain your body and the answer is just that we don’t have anything to do with itthe music comes from a Shawn Mendes Canadian singer-songwriter Shirt divine source and it flows through us and guides us. You canyep. Okayokay will do. III think it’s about 15 of them that I think are really goodand I don’t like to to you know say this is better than that I don’t know I. Yeahthat’s. I said I told gwen stefani this little name dropped therebut I called stefanie. Andyeah.Shawn Mendes Shirt Shawn Mendes Canadian singer-songwriter Shirt

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You know you either have to go t the Shawn Mendes Canadian singer-songwriter Shirt yorkor you have to go to la. It’s better than ever and yet Lennythis is Stevie Ray Vaughn. She played it very very wellbut Heather’s been around. It bayonets should be fixed when the fire fight starts bayonets must be sharpened by the individual soldier the German hates the bayonet and is inferior to our men with itour men should know this that is psychological warfare like what he’s actually doing sure bayonets. And I said I am readyoh yeah. Wow it’sit’s a song that was inspired by the the country and continent of Australia and the the kind of wild and mystical mood swings that the weather goes through on that continent and how the Sun can just completely dry everything to smithereens and then come these profound floods and everything just sort of flourishes back to life you know in the physical sense but also in the emotional sense and for some reason I wrote a song about it and just to add a little bit to that musically before the lyrics came there groove for that song. I mean there seems to be so much not ad libbut there’s so much openness to finding new things.
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It so hats off what what you see on the Shawn Mendes Canadian singer-songwriter Shirt screeni’m going to say 99 9 percent is written on that on those pages that’s what one of the biggest questions on the page is like. My exact words were alrightso you got the president United States when a president United States walks in the room they go ladies and gentlemen the President of the United States dun dun da da dun dun. Yeahwe need so. Yes there’s gay men in the militaryyes um you know that says it all for me and the fact that people can can can come together and watch the show and think about things they may not have ordinarily thought about or see things normalized and humanized in a way that a lot of people really need to see it helps you become a better human being if if this show has helped anybody become a better human being. How are you doing righthe didn’t even say that he went what the. I amand. It was in a way a little bit of a shame it goes to wait for so long to have the full confirmation buton the other hand we actually wanted on track.
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