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All these great coaches have offensive coordinatorsyou just cannot just make everything you the head coach you can’t make every single call that that’s that’s santa has a Skyrim Light Armor mask face mask Washable, Reusable problem he wants to make everything you can’t do that. So I think it’s awesome because there’s gonna beyou know a lot of variety on this giant’s offense. I think what we know now is a lot of teamsprobably might feel like they might need odell beckham jr on their squad. Is therehurts drops it into his receiver davonte smith shotgun for philadelphia out of the pocket. So we should have been jumping upwe should have been uh blind pretty much man coverage jumping on them and not giving them a lot of cushions because there was times when oh mccoy left the pocket West Virginia License Plate Personalized Keychain Skyrim Light Armor mask face mask Washable, Reusable.

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Then the Skyrim Light Armor mask face mask Washable, Reusable bucksoh man the way they close out this season they just left them for the end buccaneer saints buccaneers. All rightso let’s check out week two all right week two thursday night football giants and wildflower. Do they think they just come in there because kind of murray’s our plan did they lose enthusiasm and and by virtue of that have no edge charliethey had no ads they played with. You rumblei didn’t even I didn’t even at least watch the game because I know that the knights are going to get spooked. Number one cornerback one at one pointand I think pastor 10 has that same opportunity. That’s a big play douglasit’s douglas without a game though elite game aaron throw. It’s all righti went to work today too
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But I think he lost he lost threehe lost three people on a Skyrim Light Armor mask face mask Washable, Reusable helmet three patrick not one not two. But I feel like theythey’re really not. Did okaydid you say they had 100 rushing yards or was that different.
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