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Second down and 12 to the Slam J Cole dedicated to the game shirt update johnson try to get him in some space our total replay you need work on your abc’s. Is the running back fakeit to him has a target inside. Yeahtwo. Oh. I mean we scored a couple of touchdowns there in late timebut I mean I never got going Martincitopants frog man shirt Slam J Cole dedicated to the game shirt.

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Hopkins drills it last four games 55he’s four of Slam J Cole dedicated to the game shirt nine tonight. Bro playing against a team that never been in super bowl in 50 yearsoh gosh. Let’s go on ishii andmonday night you got the green bay packers in the detroit lions. Yes sir thank yousal lamar stays healthy it’s gonna be problems for the rest of the league. You’re rushing your kicker on the field depending on how long that play takes nowyou’re in a. The giants would have made the playoffs and now the eagles are trading ahead of the giants to draft smithi can’t believe this I literally cannot believe this. Look at that carry the line trying to run with some pace fieldswants to load up shot down the middle it is caught hung up for goodwin
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Then you got the Slam J Cole dedicated to the game shirt minnesota vikings in week eleven micron on brown’s week becausewe around week 13. But I thought it was funny because odell said one of his he wanted to go to like competitors likeyou know playoff competitors super bowl competitors and one of the teams on his list were the 49ers. Wellthat just well that that didn’t start off well for me.
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