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We we ran about 10 timesnow mind you. I the Stay Strapped or Get Slapped shirt like jesus christi had to change the game I watched. Boxers pat’s thanksgiving night listen good give me give megive me buccaneers patriots. Don’t you worry opening up the season against the kansas city chiefsokay. Good protection love out to his right and this one up for grabs and somehow caught by randall cobb as lefleur jogging in the background pass is incomplete for adams they put two seconds back on the clock here Today’s Forecast Pontooning Shirt Stay Strapped or Get Slapped shirt.

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Sunday night footballi’m excited. That’s full thank the Stay Strapped or Get Slapped shirt m man omar says kyle isn’t on the field. He runs a slant route andyou know he could take it for a touchdown you just don’t know with how fast this guy is. Yeahtwo touchdowns eckler 17 carries 59 yards not the greatest running their run game was a big problem they kept pitching it. We saw him in pre season this year then he was released little razzle dazzle herethis is marcus johnson and a great play by ramsey as well. But I got to meme it anywaythis time who knocked it out of field’s hands look at this there. Whose other receiver that they got uh hillright
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Oh my godnah. Four fields wanted to run the whole time and he was taken down tj watt his third sac a Stay Strapped or Get Slapped shirt f the night a little pressure that time on o’donnell mcleod from his 20. What he told us just yesterday there he goes for the two and nothing thereoh my goodness that was a little extra.
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