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Oregon State Beavers I Sparkle Shirt

If you think HRC and Trump (two highest net negative approval ratings in country) being on the ballot is democracy, then ive got some magic beans for you. Yeah let's go into complete anarchy because we lost an election.. or you could wait 4 years and actually vote. Mueller isn't...

Official Back To School Roaring Kindergarten Dinosaur Shirt

All 1989 totes and laundry bags are 30 off while supplies last shop here Taylor lk tote sale. Happy birthday my love an Official Back To School Roaring Kindergarten Dinosaur Shirt my buddy I love you mark Ronson xoxo Joanne. Onetoomanymoves doingwaytoomuch justshoottheball tricksdontwingames. I'll be performing on the Billboard...

Life Is Better In Flip Flops With Dr Peper Shirt

I support you for the good things you have done and for the compassion you show to ALL people in our world. This stupid Senators and politicians need to focus on the people that lack of food, shelter water , buildings remodeled . instead of this. How does this cure...

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