DD-214 Alumni T-Shirt

Dd 214 Alumni T Shirt

Since I am not a voter they left me alone when I said so. Others were not so lucky. I do not approve of such methods. The supermarket had so many complaints the manager had to call the police to get them to stop hassling customers. He was only voted out of office. His DD-214 Alumni T-Shirt of the case was not formally questioned. There is no legal reason to re-try this case.

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The outcome of this election is that, hopefully, such a miscarriage of justice will not happen again. As much as I wish the election would undo all his prior judgments, it is not so. Nonetheless, I hope electing a new sitting judge has corrected the problem of judicial support for rapists in that DD-214 Alumni T-Shirt.

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Carol Rogers I disagree. It’s not a loss, it’s part of a checks and balances approach that appears to have worked in this case. The maximum sentence was 14 years and the prosecution asked for 6 years; in his ruling the judge made his intent clear that he was putting consideration for the DD-214 Alumni T-Shirt rapist’s future above that of the victim and gave him 6 months.

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