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So as the Washington Bullets shirt president of the skinny legs club uh I love me some devonte smith and let us see nothing but great success from him moving forwarduh bucky. Maybe justin fieldsokay. So I think it’s a good pick for the lions because they’re really at the beginning of their rebuild so the panthers are on the clockand i’m honestly pretty surprised we haven’t seen a trade yet. We’re gonna. But the thing is the disappoint take care of the balland we win I Miss Her I’m Not A Widouver Perfect Gift For Husband Washington Bullets shirt.

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All right ravensbye week ravens. A turnstile von miller bradley chubb joey bosa all th the Washington Bullets shirt uys it could be problems for the raiders if they can’t control the tempoi’m not in love with this pick. I’m going to have a meeting with john lynch and kyle shanahani’m a custom out. All rightthat’s gonna be a tough game. And now they’re all like all rightwe don’t want jimmy g man. I guess right tackle is where he’ll play with colton miller situated there at left tacklethe the idea behind taking him at number 17. Yeahlet’s talk about that one 13 7
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Jefferson throws a Washington Bullets shirt block all the way down inside the 20 what a run by dalvin cook cousins leaves it for jefferson and has the first down and kubiak calling the plays on this drive third and goal can’t get there tenth play of this drive cousins back foot lofting in incomplete no flags now there is a flag thrown from the nearest side of the field past interference number 49 defense right up the gut cousins over the top andin there is a penalty marker thrown on the near side of the field though we’ll check that flag offside defense penalties decline results for the play jackson got a step away still on his feet and somehow was able to get it away incomplete though cameron bynum had the coverage on mark andrews. The number of teams that paired their quarterback with a familiar face from college we want to get these young quarterbacks ready to goand when you think about twitter talking about low again the old teammate and jayla waddle joe burrow teaming up with jamar chase and jalen. Yeahokay trust me.
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