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North carolina to three points last week kansas city only 20 points and today doing an Wu Tang Chocolate Deluxe shirt outstanding job thus far drake underneath on first and ten brought down by crowder picks up nine up ahead it goes drake shifting through traffic inside the 25 brought down by ryan put him at the 24 17 yard gain jacob’s in third and two underneath renfro and walks the tightrope and out of bounds the spot is huge and he got it to the twelve second and. I’ll take it dick’s here to fire blake balls to go to green bay super bowl inbound obviously met with a fire hate london games as normal butwoody spent four years there so of course. The green bay packers they on a six game win streakbro. To backokay chargers could be a very interesting game. Later all rightso Welcome to Elsewhere set it off shirt Wu Tang Chocolate Deluxe shirt.

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If he’s still there is elijah vera tuckerso I the Wu Tang Chocolate Deluxe shirt right. Our defense didn’t play that well but look at the look at the the time possession arizona had the ballat least 35 to 30 um eight minutes. So he could play football he spent two years at oregon after opting out of the 2020 season due to covidhe played offensive garden high school but was a day one starter at oregon playing left tackle protecting justin herbert’s blind side. And I think this is about trevor lawrence pairing him with a dynamic running back and travis entienne and even though coach meyers talked about etienne being a third down change of pace back this is about more speed more explosiveness more play making ability alleviate some of the pressure on your young quarterback by having a true stud at running back behind youyeah. Oh I hate the format of thisall right. ‘s like yo to methat’s like lebron james coming back swine against the the fact that like that’s like yo. Leatherwood kind of went in that range where you thought he was going to gowhat do you mean
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Second down at seven simeon throws reaching across for the touchdown kenny stills kenyon drake is the running back for carr on a Wu Tang Chocolate Deluxe shirt 37. There was a minute left on the clockso baltimore had the chance to drive down and kick a game winning field goal to stop it going to overtime. I think maybe he’s more of a two to a one meaningi think he can evolve to a one I like the michael thomas comparisons.
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